Senior 1 – Test Correction

Dear Senior 1’s,

Today I gave back the November tests…your Homework for TOMORROW is the following:

  • Go over the test and check that I gave you the correct mark by comparing the marks to the marking scheme ( mistakes here and there are possible since I had so many tests to correct! )
  • Do the correction of the ones you got wrong (by checking the answer sheet I posted in the last post)
  • Note that if you got a mark with a 1/2 –> the mark was rounded up!

Any comments or questions can be asked tomorrow at the beginning of the lesson 🙂

Well done to all – your effort is very noticeable – just be careful of silly mistakes and make sure to find some time to go over the topics which you did less well in! Remember, it’s useless comparing marks with your friends- life should be a competition with yourself – next test strive for a better mark!

See you tomorrow!

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5 Responses to Senior 1 – Test Correction

  1. Graziella Debono says:

    ms greta where is the description of the test so i can correct it. BTW ITS KRYSTA. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


  2. MayMayZ says:

    Hey Ms Greta, does Division come before Multiplication in the long sums,
    Because I’m confused

    ~ Maya xx


    • gretacalleja says:

      Good morning Maya!

      Glad you are already revising 🙂

      In BIDMAS you can consider the B (Brackets) to be on its own, I (Indices or Orders) on its own , DM (together because they rank equally) and AS (together because they rank equally)

      The important thing is to ALWAYS do any division and multiplication BEFORE addition and subtraction!

      So you can multiply then divide OR divide then multiply, whatever seems easiest for the sum at hand – try this out with some sums and verify that you get the correct answer 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      Happy Holidays!


  3. MayMayZ says:

    Ok, Thank you Ms Greta,

    Happy Holidays! I’ll miss you! 😘

    ~ Maya xx


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