Senior 2: Looking Back – WEEK 5

Good morning Senior 2s,

This week we didn’t cover many mathematics objectives but we did cover lots of important life objectives during the live-in 🙂

It was such a pleasure to be there with all of you!!

Back to the Maths objectives we did cover:

Finally, I am attaching the Senior 1 notes of the topics you need to study for the test (in case any of you have lost or thrown away the Senior 1 notes – which you shouldn’t have….) Senior 1 – For Senior 2 (First 3 topics)

Happy Weekend 🙂

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2 Responses to Senior 2: Looking Back – WEEK 5

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ms.Greta,
    I was sick the rest of the week after the live-in and I was wondering what homework we have for the week. So I will be glad if you could tell me.
    From your student,
    Denisa, Senior 2B


    • gretacalleja says:

      Dear Denisa,

      On Thursday, no Homework was given as we completed the scale balance worksheet in class, I will give you the worksheet on Monday (it can be seen at the end of the Balancing Equations PPT)
      On Friday, the Homework written on the previous blog post with scans of STP 7 and on Powerschool was given (can also be found at the end of the PPT Solving Equations)
      Hope you are feeling better 🙂


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