Senior 2 – November Test Study List

This is the Study List for the Maths Test on Friday 10th November

Topic 1: Angles in Parallel Lines

  • To be able to identify parallel lines & transversal
  • To be able to find the value of missing angles in parallel lines
    • Corresponding Angles are Equal (F)
    • Alternate Angles are Equal (Z or N)
    • Interior Angles add up to 180 (U or C)
  • The above angles in parallel lines facts may be combined with angle facts that we covered last year:
    • Vertically Opposite Angles are Equal (X)
    • Angles on a Straight Line add up to 180
    • Angles around/at a point add up to 360
    • Angles in a Triangle add up to 180
    • Angles in a Quadrilateral add up to 360

Here is the revision worksheet to re-work (notice that when it was given, I marked the angles, I suggest you do this before you re-work as it will help identify the shapes better):  Mark Angles before giving – Angles in Parallel Lines REV WS

Topic 2: Directed Numbers

  • To be able to understand the use of directed numbers in every day life (ex. Temperature)
  • To be able to add and subtract directed numbers using the number line or money reasoning method (signs NOT together)
  • To be able to add and subtract directed numbers when the signs are together (touching signs become one sign!)
  • To be able to multiply and divide directed numbers

Revision Worksheet: Revision Sheet Negative Numbers

Topic 3: Expressions & Equations

  • To be able to write an expression from a worded situation (ex. There are 10 cars in a car park then c more arrive or Multiply a number by 3 then subtract 2 )
  • To be able to simplify an expression by collecting like terms
  • To be able to substitute numbers instead of letters into an expression
  • To be able to solve an equation (find the value of the unknown)
    • Type 1: y + 2 = 5 or y – 2 = 5
    • Type 2: 3y = 24
    • Type 3: 4y + 1 = 9

Collecting Like Terms Worksheets: Collecting Like Terms WS , Collecting Like Terms WS 2


How to study?

  • Go over all of the PowerPoints posted on the blog each week to remember exactly what we did in class. Work any examples on the slides to assess yourself
  • Go over the Maths notes given. (posted some blog posts ago aswell)
  • Go over the Classwork/Homework given
  • Use the book for additional explanations & examples to work out
  • Find resources/games online
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