Senior 2 – Annual Revision Papers with Answers

Dear Senior 2s,

As promised here are the revision papers (all of them to re-print), as well as the scanned answers.

Remember that Revision Papers & answers of topics 1 to 6 were posted on a previous post called ‘Worksheet UPDATE & Revision Papers’.

Feel free to comment, email or ask me any questions tomorrow during the lesson or in breaks 😉

Senior 2 Revision Papers Annual

S2 ALL Annual Revision Papers Answers

Tomorrow I still need to give everyone Topic 12 papers and we’ll look at the answers together.

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4 Responses to Senior 2 – Annual Revision Papers with Answers

  1. sophie staples says:

    heyo, basically in topic 11 (part two) volume of a prism, in exercise 5, do we have to change the answers of each fish tank to litres?, because in the answer sheets it was changed to litres 😂


    • gretacalleja says:

      Nope you don’t have to as it wasn’t specified 🙂 You just need to say which Tank holds the most volume of water which is Tank B. But I wrote the answer down in ml and l to remind you that 1 cm^3 = 1 ml


  2. now i have an actual question😂, i dont understand in topic twelve (the second page) ex c number VI, i have to mulitply all the fractions by 12/1 but why is it 12 on 1?


    • gretacalleja says:

      Your objective is to get rid of those pesky denominators. In order to get rid of them you must multiply by a common multiple of 3,4 and 6 which is 12. So you are multiplying each fraction by 12 but in order not to get mixed up you do it as 12/1. If you notice when you cancel out tops and bottoms you get rid of the denominators as was your wish at the beginning and then you get a much simpler equation which you know how to solve. So if the denominators were 2, 4 and 5 you would multiply each fraction by 20/1


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